Postnasal drip

Postnasal drip (PND) occurs when excess mucus is produced by the sinuses and causes mucus to build up in the back of the throat and/or nose.

Common Symptoms of Postnasal Drip

  • coughing
  • consistant clearing of the throat
  • tickling in the throat
  • mucus or phlegm build up in the throat
  • sore throat
  • bad breath (halitosis)
  • runny nose

Common Causes of Postnasal Drip

Diagnosis and Treatment

A physical examination by an allergist or medical physician is the most common way to determine if someone has postnasal drip.

Treatment for postnasal drip depends on what is causing the postnasal drip to occur. If the cause is a bacterial infection then antibiotics may be used to treat postnasal drip. If the condition is happening due to allergies, allergy shots may be used for long-term relief. Medications like decongestants, antibiotics and antihistamines may be prescribed to relieve the symptoms as well. In some severe cases, surgery may be recommended.

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