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Premier Allergist: Alexandria, VA Office

Find Relief from Allergy and Asthma in Alexandria, VA at Premier Allergist

Established in 1995, The Premier Allergist, formerly known as Allergy & Asthma Center, is one of the largest single specialty allergy, asthma and clinical immunology practices in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals offer treatment to both adults and children of all ages, and our 28 convenient locations span across Maryland and the DC Metro area. Both our staff and our specialists are passionate about adhering to these core principles that make our practice exceptional:
  • Patient-centered care
  • Accessibility and availability
  • Compassionate medical council
  • Modern, innovative medicine
  • Attention to the underlying source of the problem
  • Patient empowerment and education

6355 Walker Lane, Suite 307, Alexandria, VA 22310

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*Last allergy injection given 30 mins. before close

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Allergy & Asthma Relief Across Fort Hunt, Franconia & Lincolnia, VA

Allergy & Asthma Specialists In Alexandria, VA

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Put your ‘allergist near me’ searches to rest. Premier Allergist is your best resource for customized allergy and asthma treatment from highly experienced specialists. With a convenient location that is near Groveton, Hybla Valley, Fort Hunt, Franconia, and Lincolnia, VA, patients have easy access to our adult and pediatric services. Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today to get the allergy, asthma, and immunology care that you deserve.

Our Care Team

  • Mounsif Mbarek Avatar
    Mounsif M.

    Dr. Simpson and Adiele are wonderful people. They are always available to answer your questions and concerns. They go above and beyond to make your visit comfortable and stress free. I really recommend this location. I almost forgot Mike( at the reception desk), he is very nice person and always ready to assist.

  • Samantha Katz Avatar
    Samantha K.

    Dr. Simpson and his team are top-notch. Caring, thorough, and thoughtful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

  • Tanya B Avatar
    Tanya B.

    Dr Simpson takes time for each patient and is very thorough. The nurses are very friendly and informative as well.
    My daughter has been receiving allergy shots with Dr Simpson’s office for almost 4 years now. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

  • emoji Guinea Jo Avatar
    emoji G.

    Dr Simpson takes time for each patient and is very thorough. The nurses are very friendly and informative as well.
    My daughter has been receiving allergy shots with Dr Simpson’s office for almost 4 years now. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

  • Manija Abawi Avatar
    Manija A.

    I have been seeing Doctor Simpson since 2006 and I just can’t say enough about him and his stuff!! Warm welcoming and very professional. I have never seen any doctor taking their time to listen or explain to their patients. I’m very impressed!! Asthma and allergies are very well controlled with Dr. Simpson’s treatment.

  • Haran Stark Avatar
    Haran S.

    I have been going to the Falls Church location for about a year now for allergy shots, and Dr. Simpson and all the nursing staff are courteous, friendly and highly skilled. Kisha at the front desk is always friendly and willing to help! Getting allergy shots can be a time commitment, but the whole office works together to ensure that patients are in and out quickly without feeling rushed, which I really appreciate!

  • Abbey Interrante Avatar
    Abbey I.

    Dr. Simpson and his team are fantastic! They genuinely care about helping you solve your allergy and asthma issues. Dr. Simpson worked extensively with me on finding and fixing my allergy issues. I don’t think any other doctor would have spent so much time working through it with me. I can’t recommend this office highly enough!

  • gARY WRIGHT Avatar
    gARY W.

    I have had numerous allergy doctors over the years and no one has come close to controlling or in fact eliminating my allergies like Dr. Simpson. I highly recommend him. Also, his staff is very courteous and highly skilled.

  • N Galimba Avatar
    N G.

    Very professional and experienced. I've always felt I was getting the best treatment for my allergies as possible. The nurses and front desk are great to work with and they handle all of the insurance issues that may come up quickly. I've gone to both locations (Falls Church and Alexandria); I prefer the Falls Church location because the waiting area seats are more comfortable and there's wifi. It's important if you have to be monitored after taking allergy shots.

  • Sheba Pace Avatar
    Sheba P.

    Dr. Simpson was my allergist for four years (2016-2020). He treated my environmental allergies, which prevented my dermatology issues, such as eczema, from flaring up. He greatly improved my health and quality of life. After a one year treatment, I started to enjoy the Spring and Fall seasons because I stopped having debilitating problems with my allergies.

    Equally as important, Dr. Simpson’s medical staff cares about patients. Mrs. Kisha Barlow, who is part of the administrative team, has impeccable customer service. She makes sure patients are able to schedule timely appointments with Dr. Simpson, and she quickly resolves billing errors. Not only is Mrs. Barlow professional and very efficient, but she is a wealth of knowledge. Specifically, I appreciate her understanding about the Alexandria, Virginia medical community. I’m from Birmingham, Alabama, and she helped me get acclimated to living in northern Virginia by recommending physicians who have the same values that she and Dr. Simpson share about medical care and patients. Therefore, I give Mrs. Barlow and Dr. Simpson my highest recommendation.