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Services - Intertrigo

What is Intertrigo?

Intertrigo is an inflammatory condition in which rash forms between skin folds usually due to an allergic reaction. Intertrigo can be caused by trapped moisture, heat, lack of circulation or friction between skin folds.

Areas Affected By Intertrigo

Below are the common areas affected by intertrigo. Other areas may include between the toes, inner thighs, creases in the neck and between the buttocks.

  • armpits
  • beneath the breasts
  • genital area
  • abdomen

Symptoms of Intertrigo

The following are symptoms assoicated with Intertrigo.

  • red rash
  • itchy skin
  • burning skin
  • cracked skin

Diagnosis and Treatment for Intertrigo

Intertrigo can be diagnosed through a physical examination by an allergist or medical physician. Treatment for intertrigo includes keeping the affected area dry, using topical steroids or anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotic creams. Always consult your doctor for the best treatment plan for you.