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Premier Allergist

Reviews for the Premier Allergist | Washington, DC, Maryland

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I had no idea what to expect from an allergist honestly. Never even considered that allergies were an issue for me until my lip swelled up eating certain foods. But seeing Jay Won’s care has been very beneficial for the direction of my quality of health/life. Had NO IDEA I was allergic to EVERY ALLERGEN IN EXISTENCE….(okay minus a few). Even after learning I resisted treatment but her gentle prodding convinced me to move forward with it. I’m glad I did.Also appreciate that she was very available, even at unusual hours.The support staff is also top quality as well. Good experience all around!

Fred R.

Staff is very knowledgeable and very friendly. My family will not go anywhere else.

Colleen V.

Minoo McFarland, FNP-C was extremely caring and focused on helping me. Minoo was very sympathetic, kind and patient with me. She is the most caring provider I have had in many years.

Debby B.

Hi speak with Dr. Prema Ganganna. She is very knowledgeable and responsible person. I have great conversation, and it will help my diet. This is only reason I gave 5 star. The receptions girl is not responsible. First time, shed did not write day on schedule but only time, and I emailed her about day, she emailed me wrong day. Second time schedule, I asked her to email my schedule day and time, shed did not send, and did not reply my email for requesting time as well.

Abdullah N.

I come here very frequently for allergy shots. The nurses are very quick and cordial. Great choice of music, too!The one thing that everyone should keep in mind is this location frequently, semi-randomly closes the office. If you come here often, and I mean more than once a week, then you’ll see paper signs indicating when the office will be closed. Otherwise, I highly recommend you call ahead a day in advance to check if the office will be open.

Andy P.

If you are looking for an allergist, look no further than Dr. Correa. He was patient, knowledgeable, and kind. He took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. Nurses Dan and Dawn we also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this office.

Tonia A.

Located in a nice office.

Sertsu M.

My goodness, if you want a practice that genuinely cares, has fun providing the care and loves what they do - this is where you want to go. Highly impressed with the staff and the office.

Ken C.

Ronette and Mariah were outstandingly helpful to me! I would recommend this specific location for your allergy shots. They have the best customer service and are very personable. Shining example of what a visit should feel like!

Jessica J.

Staff was great and I was satisfied with the service.

Unique P.